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Add:Zhong Xing street 91#, XinAn town ,New Area,Wu Xi city
Link man:Mr Lu
Mobile phone:15251506868


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作者:      来源:      发布日期:2013-05-15Wu Xi KaiDa Telecommunication & Electronical Co.,Ltd location Zhong Xing street 91#, XinAn town ,New Area,Wu Xi city 。
  The company and the Wu Xi airport are distanced 5KM,tight nearness HU Ning highway。
  The company specicalized production transformer factory 。 Including JBK series transformer ,SG series three-phase dry transformer, QZB series starting transformer, JMB series local lighting transformer,JBKZ series rectificating transformer, reactor series, each kind of special transformer。 The product widely uses in the numerical control engine bed ,textile machinery, hoisting machinery, compressor on control circuit。
  The company has been eastablished for more than 20 for years, introduces the high-level professional。 Now the company passed ISO9001-2000 the quality system。 Product through CE authentication and TUV anthentication。